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Start, develop and manage your business journey

START by WGSN is a platform that supports entrepreneurs starting their fashion business through simple, practical working tools, downloadable assets, visual trends and a suppliers directory to make your sourcing process easier. 

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We offer the tools you need to start your business, powering every step of the way. 

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Download thousands of editable Tech packs to kick-start your production.

Set the correct pricing for your products with our pricing tool and keep track of your cash flow.

Find the right suppliers for fabrics, trims, packaging, tags and labels with our Suppliers Directory. 

Identify your ROI, discover your payback period + profit & loss margins with our exclusive online calculators.

Up-to-date visual trends and concepts to stay inspired. 

We're with you from the start.

Because starting a business doesn't need to be complicated. From entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs, we've been there, we've done that. No need to struggle alone. We give you expert advice on running and managing a brand with the tools you need to start and grow your business. 
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