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3 bets for sports tops in S/S 24/25

Sports tops should provide comfort, mobility and some degree of support, varying according to type of sport. Going beyond the basic models that make an appearance each season, we’ve selected three models that will be a success in 2024.

Asymmetric Top

The asymmetric top comes with a single strap, exposing more skin – some models feature reinforcement seams or elastic at the bottom for support. The strap can be full and of medium thickness, or with a cutout that creates two straps in the same location, as done in adidas' model.

These models are primarily recommended for low-impact sports and for an athleisure look.

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Trapeze Top with Straps

The trapeze neckline with crossed straps in the chest area is a more feminine style. Invest in straps made of different materials, contrasting with the base of the piece or crossed at the neck, as seen in Nike's design. This style has a more elongated, cropped style, for a bold effect.

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Corset-Style Top

A recent highlight for party and casual fashion, the corset now trickles into sports top design, bringing a sensual and modern touch. To ensure comfort, structures are made only with seams and cuts on the body, and for this, sturdy meshes are the main choice, used both as outer surface and lining.

Basic models, like Nike's, are more comfortable, but investing in details such as lacing and zippers brings a more elaborate feel.

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