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3 colors to keep an eye in 2021

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

At Start by WGSN, we want to provide trends emerging worldwide with image-only mood boards easy to apply in your collection. Also, we want to make your life easier, providing ready-to-use tech packs. Today, we have asked our trendspotters to go through our trend curation and select the three crucial colors to keep an eye on in 2021. Here's what they have picked out.

Atlantic Blue

Successfully nailing a balance between calmness and vibrancy, the Atlantic Blue appears in 2021 as a critical color to bring a dynamic approach, especially for the younger generations. As we've already called out, extravagant escapism will be an important direction in fashion, and colors that resonate with this approach will have greater appeal.

Images: Matte Brand; Jaded London; Savage x Fenty

Deep Green

The deep green appears to bridge vibrancy with sophistication, emerging as a smart choice to substitute basic colors. This year, the Deep Green will appear in formal wear and sleepwear-inspired styles.

Images: Kris Goyri; Olmos & Flores; Casaco

Restorative Colours

Consumer interest in wellness has been escalating since the pandemic. In 2021, especially for activewear, restorative colors will resonate with consumers' desire for a softer feel and a healing desire. These hues will be essential to create a clean and detoxification atmosphere.

Images: Oysho; Outdoor Voices

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