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3 Key Dress Pieces in High Demand for Summer 2024/25

Explore three of the main dress trends for summer.

Based on the latest confirmations from runways and fashion fairs, we have selected three essential dress models for the summer 2024/25 season. Sensuality remains prominent, refreshed by influences that are sometimes delicate, sometimes impactful, as evidenced in tank dresses with contemporary nuances, versatile chemise dresses, and sophisticated, strapless midi-dresses.

Tank Dress

  • Riding on the success of the tank top, the dress is updated with inspiration from blouse designs. The dress features thin straps and asymmetric necklines, and is crafted not only in traditional ribbed knit but also in other fabrics, flat and lightweight, and even with transparent applications. Other applications to draw inspiration from in creating tank neckline dresses include cutouts, floral applications, and ruffles – all trends highlighted in reports on the Start by WGSN platform.


Stella McCartney

Chemise Dress

  • Elongated silhouettes and lowered hips have been consistent trends in our reports. Chemise dresses are also a trend related to a more elongated and modern look, resulting in versatile and functional pieces. Updates include the application of twists, slits, mini lengths, transparency, asymmetric details, and wide cuffs.


AZ Factory
Petar Petrov

Strapless Midi-Dress

  • The strapless style continues to shine through in the form of the midi-dress, adding a sophisticated and sensual touch to the piece, and emphasizing the bust through features like veins, sweetheart shapes, and corset structures. A slit can be added above the knee to make the key piece more functional. Satin and ultra-textured fabrics are key highlights for this style.


Anna October
Stella Jean

These are some tips for applying the prints pointed out by our Content Team. To check the complete content and get even more inspiration, click here.

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