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3 Key Trends from Bogotá Fashion Week A/W 22/23

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

The return of Colombia's fashion industry to in-person events culminated in the fifth edition of Bogotá Fashion Week. The show felt akin to an industry renaissance after two years of virtual gatherings, with designers showing their work that resulted from the time of personal and collective transformation. Avant-garde looks with a strong ethnic inspiration and wide silhouettes, glitter, floral prints and disco fashion are some trends that framed this fashion week. Aiming to reactivate the industry, 161 Colombian brands and 50 national and international buyers gathered to have business meetings, paving the way for new business deals and collaborations.

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Image: Leal Daccarett

We've selected three trends straight from the Bogotá Fashion Week runways to inspire your creations. Check them out here on START by WGSN blog:

Puffed Sleeves

After two years of social isolation due to the pandemic, the festive atmosphere and the joy of returning to ‘normal’ are evident. Elements of disco fashion with references to the 1970s are highlighted alongside feathers, sequins*, vibrant colors and puffed sleeves (extravagant and overworked), translating a sense of optimism and positivity as people return to social life. Tailoring appears revamped, softer and more comfortable, with a versatility that these new times demand.

Fierce Red

Brands paid tribute to their Colombian roots and culture via prehispanic symbols, ancestral techniques, natural dyes and fibers and experimental local craftsmanship. Designers interpreted this ancestral heritage – from traditional cultural symbols to knowhow of craftsmanship – in their own way, giving it their personal touch.

Warm neutrals, oranges, pastel blues and vibrant tones such as Fierce Red stand out, with this color taking center stage in crepes, viscoses and satin.


Futuristic aesthetics, contrast tones (artificial and natural ones), metallic textures, transparent materials, bold graphics and galaxy sequins transported the audience to an ethereal and futuristic universe. From an urban approach presented by Cubel to impeccable tailoring from designer Camilo Franco, the audience witnessed an innovative and well-curated vision of the future.


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