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3 opportunities for Black Friday 2022

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

World Cup and New Year trends are the main focus for fashion brands

Fashion products are the most searched during Black Friday, which occurs on the Friday after the annual US Thanksgiving holiday, offering an opportunity to boost your sales. Check out three ways to capitalize on this date.

1. Stock clearance

Harness Black Friday to clear excess stock. To make it easy for consumers, create online groups that are focused on the sale using platforms such as WhatsApp. Promote combos to increase the appeal of a product in line with a trend; for example, merchandize a pink piece by linking it to the Barbiecore aesthetic.

2. World Cup

Many consumers will seek cheaper pieces to celebrate World Cup 2022. Invest in pieces that nod to a country’s team colors and have a sportive aesthetic.

3. Christmas and New Year

Consumers tend to buy gifts for main festivities on Black Friday. Take this opportunity to highlight pieces with cuts and colors that remind them of a festival, such as green and red for Christmas and white for New Year. Opt for progressive discounts to boost sales and increase your average order value.

Research has shown that consumers tend to spend more on Black Friday. As supply and demand is high, draw on trends that can boost your brand to warm up your sales in November.

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