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3 Themes for Mother's Day Campaigns

One of the most celebrated holidays of the year, Mother's Day takes place in May in Brazil. It is a promising period to invest in campaigns and promote brands, especially for the fashion industry, which is one of the main choices for gifting. Your Mother's Day campaigns can help to create a connection with the customer and potentially build customer loyalty. Check out three campaign themes for the event.

1. Expressive freedom

The focus here is on the modern, fun and expressive mother. This is a great opportunity for trend-led brands to work with fashion influencers.

How to invest?

This campaign is ideal for those with a commercial or launch focus. Explore the friendship between mothers and children, capturing spontaneous moments of fun. For the setting, use a well-lit space and opt for a variety of colors (especially more intense ones) to draw on the exciting energy.

Old Navy Old Navy


2. Lightness and welcoming

Showcase admiration for mothers, exploring the delicacy and moments of welcoming.

How to invest?

This theme is ideal for institutional campaigns that focus on promoting the brand and creating a connection with the public. Capture the affectionate details of motherhood, such as touches, hugs and looks. Highlight sentimental value for the campaign's narrative and explore warmer colors alongside natural lighting. For styling, offer pieces that convey comfort and/or sophistication.

Bulgari John Lewis


3. Realistic maternity

The reality of motherhood is a topic that has been gaining traction on social media. Showcasing a less romanticized view and exploring the difficulties of motherhood, such as doubts, regrets and mistakes, are key. This campaign offers an opportunity to bring in real-life people, such as influencers who work on this subject or people connected to your brand.

How to invest?

This theme is also ideal for institutional campaigns. Open your audience's eyes to reality by showing more spontaneous moments that represent the imperfections of motherhood. Avoid exaggerated edits and draw on scenarios such as domestic environments, studios or external environments, depending on the narrative. For styling, invest in comfort and simplicity.

@bumpsuit Victoria's Secret


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