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A/W 23/24 Velvet Trends

Shiny surfaces continue to trend on the A/W 23/24 catwalks, this time enhanced by velvet. German and crystal velvet add luxury and sophistication to dresses and sets, while gradient prints and devoré stand out. Discover more about the trend below!

1. Prints

Shading and gradients result in a stained effect. Gradients with subtle gradation are also highlighted.

Proenza Shouler

2. Devoré

The devoré technique creates patterns through wear and tear. Floral designs, stains and polka dots are recurrent. Brands work with the transparency created by wear and tear, offering a detail that adds sensuality.


3. Rhinestones

Rhinestones and beads reinforce the luxuriousness of the velvet. Occasional inserts throughout the piece create distinctive designs. Delicate and tiny beads offer sophistication in a discreet way.


4. Gemstones shades

Gemstone tones are enhanced in bright, luxurious fabrics, with velvet a key trend. Emerald green, lapis lazuli blue and amethyst purple are trending colors.


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