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Accessories: 3 trends to catch up with

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Our trendspotters have selected the most important trends in accessories this month. See how gold mini hoops are rising as consumers continue to look for perennial pieces, and how colorful acrylic accessories channel the youthful atmosphere to counterbalance the sense of anxiety. Also, see how the signet ring is emerging as a key trend for both men and women.

Signet ring

As consumers focus on timeless and transseasonal designs, classic staples such as the signet ring continue to rise as a key trend for seasons to come. Antique coins and medallions reflect the desire for perennial pieces, and motifs carrying protective and meaningful messages will have greater appeal as spirituality becomes a significant fashion theme.

ImagesHeloise; La Sierra; POLVOBRONCE

Gold mini hoops

Softly structured mini hoops are the perfect way to bring a sophisticated vintage atmosphere. These everyday hoops can be offered in pairs through sculptural silhouettes to get extra purchase appeal. Go for brilliant metallic gold for a more dramatic take, or opt for vintage finishes for a more perennial take.

Images: Oma the Label; Reformation; Paula Mendoza

Colorful acrylic accessories

Colorful acrylic accessories are on the rise as a more joyful and youthful feel takes the fashion industry in response to the need to counterbalance the sense of stress and anxiety that took over consumers during the pandemic. Look out for bright colors, glass beads, and decorative hoop constructions for ultimate impact.

Images: Gan.Sho; Monies; Frannca


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