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Adapting the workforce for the digital world: small fashion brands

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

For small brands, having the right team and finding skilled talent is essential for building a thriving business and boosting sales. The budget can be tight, especially now that many of us are navigating the uncertain waters of the pandemic and lockdown.

As parts of the US and Europe face a second wave of shutdowns, businesses with a successful online presence and operation will be ahead of the game. Of course, operating online can be challenging, particularly for brands that are not digitally savvy. Adapting a workforce to the digital world should be one of your primary steps, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Here are some tips that will help you:

Bringing employees to the fore

If your brand sells online only, hiring people who can work on various fronts such as styling, shooting merchandise, and even modeling (see Gucci) will help you save money and guarantee quality. Freelancers can be an option, but if you have a team that can also do it, it will make your life easier and your process faster. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, offering new duties to your store's workers may help you avoid layoff and, in the long run, become a more cost-effective business. Also, relying on the store's associates for e-commerce fulfillment will save time, as you won't need to spend it on finding new talents and training new employees.

It can be difficult for small brands to have a huge team, so hiring people engaged with your business and juggling the skills will facilitate its success.

Customer service

During the first wave of lockdowns, many companies learned the hards way that customer service is essential. As consumers were ever-present on social media, and they used it to air grievances about delayed orders and deliveries, retailers have realized the importance of hiring someone to connect and respond with proficiency. Since the only touchpoint is taking place online, you need to have someone who knows your product.

Hiring representatives who can bridge the gap between digital interactions and your brand is essential to building a stronger bond with your customers and boost sales. So when looking for someone, pay attention to skills such as styling and product recommendations, as well as return policies and shipping information.

Relying on social media

Relying on social media can key if you are a small brand. If you hire someone to create content for those platforms, this person must also be ready to respond to consumers. Make sure they know everything needed, from shipping information to size measurements, to assist your customer.


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