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Aesthetics of horror

Horror themes are emerging as a critical direction for younger consumers. A sense of nostalgia and mystery takes over the styles, especially for apparel and intimates.


The apocalyptic narrative is coming into the spotlight as fear and insecurity continue to take over in the pandemic. This narrative is coming to the fore in fashion through a new aesthetic, ModernGoths. This trend is all about wider styles, darker color palettes and dramatic detailing.

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Images: Rokh; Kidill;


The apocalyptic narrative mentioned above has also moved into the intimates segment. What we see here are also a large number of styles with detailing, from metal to strings. This aesthetic around horror is inspired by the BDSM look, with a few changes: now there is more of a goth mood behind it.

Images: R & M Leathers; AW BRAND LATEX; Dilara Findikoglu

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