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Barbiecore: Discover everything about this trending aesthetic

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

The Barbiecore aesthetic has been boosted by the fashion world and the pink color.

The trend gained popularity through TikTok and the hashtag #Barbiecore, which was also spread among celebrities and influencers. Its biggest inspiration stems from Mattel’s Barbie dolls and their multicolored and vibrant universe. Search results for the term have peaked in the past months and remain relevant till today. Valentino has even introduced pink to its collection, further advancing Barbiecore.

Brands such as Balenciaga, Genny and Jason Wu are also important drivers of this trend, exploring empowering clothing, mixed tailoring and sensual items mostly in shades of pink. A laid-back vibe can be seen as well, especially in swimwear and sportswear.

Check out how to incorporate the aesthetic in your collections while catering to your target audience.

1. Colors

Capitalize on pink shades, such as Valentino’s pink and bubblegum pink, alongside white and neon colors.

2. Key pieces

Key items include minidresses, miniskirts, leggings, low-rise pants, cropped tops, loose-fitting blazers and sets.

3. Shoes and bags

Invest in pumps, clogs and platform shoes in addition to baguette bags and small clutches.

4. Accessories

Opt for hair pins and jewelry with fun details such as heart, butterfly and star motifs as well as plastic items.

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