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Black Friday: Initial Strategies for Small Brands (part 2)

Continuing here on the START by WGSN blog our series of posts with special Black Friday strategies for small brands, today we're going to cover social media, newsletters and segmentation.

First steps

While social media – especially Instagram – is a great tool to expand your reach, strengthen your positioning and build recognition for your brand, marketing via email lists will help you reach out to existing customers and get them excited about your Black Friday promotion. Send at least two shots a week, increasing in frequency as the day approaches. It's worth paying attention to the dropout rate to make sure you're not causing a negative effect or harassing your customers.

If you don't have one yet, build a customer email list by starting a simple loyalty program. Or, at the very least, collect emails by offering some sort of reward – think a discount coupon, a login special, an exclusive gift or even first-hand access to new releases and promotions.

The first step is to define what information can contribute to your future strategies (even after Black Friday). Then, think about what you will require from your customers, and how and what you will offer them in return.

Segmentation is key

Whenever possible, publicize your campaigns and promotions in a segmented way. Your customers may have different shopping habits such as buying every month, every three months or only buying during promotions.

Some initial questions to ask about segmentation:

- Do you already have all the data you need from your customers to make an impact on them?

- How well-segmented is your email list now?

- Is there enough time to improve it before starting your campaign?

Draft your email list (either from scratch or optimizing what already exists), building and segmenting it in an increasingly strategic way to start sending promotional emails from Black Friday.

The location of your customers is also an important aspect to consider when targeting them. You can strategically offer better shipping terms, for example.

Don't forget that the public is not a customer yet, but is on your radar.


Many entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey tend to think that investing in advertising targeted towards people who already buy from their company is a waste of resources. However, be aware that actions focused on loyal customers tend to be the best way to increase your sales. The path to new conversions here is potentially shorter, so make strategic use of it!

Offering special discounts to existing customers can be a good way to bring attention to Black Friday. Invest in emails to communicate and ensure that those who have already shopped with you feel noticed and important.

Strengthen your presence on social media

The biggest benefit of social media marketing is probably increased reach and visibility, with increased traffic to your site (if you have an online store) and lead generations being your next biggest perks.

Instagram and Facebook are the main social networks when it comes to fashion products, with each having user behavior variations by country. You can also create an account on Pinterest, Twitter or TikTok, but ideally Instagram and Facebook to reach the majority of your customer base. Here you can share promotions, countdowns, product images, behind-the-scenes/production footage and customer feedback on specific products, all to increase the excitement around your Black Friday sale.

If possible, set up your store on Instagram Shopping. That way, your customer won't even have to leave the platform to buy.

Strategically evaluate:

-> Invest in sponsored posts and ads aimed at traffic to reach an even greater number of people

-> Promote campaigns with influencers who relate to your brand's identity and who have an audience with potential to become consumers of your brand

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