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Boosting your small brand's social media

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Social media can be somewhat demanding, especially if you’re a small brand with a tight budget and few employees. Daily posts, engaging and exciting content and metrics are essential for brands wanting to thrive in the digital world. To help you on this path, we’ve gathered a few tips that can make your life easier and your social media successful.

Get to know your followers

Listening and getting to know your audience is crucial in order to create engaging and successful content. Speak to customers and potential buyers to discover what kind of content will be interesting. Take time to look at profiles and followers and pay attention to comments and posts that generate engagement – this will guide you when planning social media content. Creating polls and asking questions is vital to open up a conversation with potential customers and know more about them.

Planning as your lifesaver

Building excellent and engaging content is important for maintaining a thriving social media presence. Consistency is everything, so having a clear view of your content and planning in advance will save you time and effort. We've created a calendar to help you with Instagram post ideas. But remember that expanding your reach, going beyond one platform and having consistent planning for all the others, such as Facebook, TikTok and so on, will help your brand extend its reach.

Automation is key

Automation is the key to making your life easier. Using platforms that help schedule posts and stories and find new routes to escalate your reach is crucial if you want to succeed with your content. Also, using the information that social media already provides is smart to keep up with data. Understanding the best time to post, where your followers are from, and how they interact should guide your content planning.

Strengthening your community

Establishing a strong community on social media is essential for engagement and generating more brand advocates – people who will elevate your brand through word-of-mouth. Creating exciting content is about developing conversation. Inviting people to co-create with you through polls and questions is a great way to achieve this. Keeping up with comments and messages and giving back the love received is crucial to strengthening ties.

Content is crucial

Like fashion, social media is all about timing. You’ve got to be quick and aware of your surroundings. Discover what other brands are doing. Keeping up with memes and rising trends is also key to having relevant and up-to-date content. Fashion is about lifestyle and inspiration, so remember to advertise your launches and create inspirational content that will communicate your brand's identity.


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