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Building an effective marketing strategy on social media

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Social networks have shaped the way we live, think, and especially the way we consume. They also changed the online shopping course, improving the interaction between business and buyers, and because of that, they are an essential tool for increasing sales and brand awareness. When used well, those platforms can give a distinct advantage and generate actionable data, and to get the best results, especially if you are a small fashion brand, you need to build a social strategy with well-defined objectives.


They will be your guide in this path, and you should not hold back when defining them. When set correctly, all the others will follow more easily.

One of the most important objects should be improving your profile engagement to a community interested in your brand.

  • Attract consumers by encouraging them to share photos wearing your products or create polls in your stories.

  • Provide support for your customers, creating after-sales services on your website.

  • Increase the flow on your online shopping, adding links to your Instagram, leading to your e-commerce.

Target audience

Communication is only useful when you know your audience in depth.

Think about your ideal customers, their preferences and behaviors; only then will you be able to create a thorough profile and

meet their needs more powerfully.

Content plan

In addition to a calendar with posting dates, you must list the main topics to be addressed and adapt them to each social network, keeping in mind their different characteristics. Don’t forget to create relevant content for select dates and sales.


There are many ways for you to communicate. It is essential that you choose social networks carefully, according to your brand’s profile and target audience, preventing your profiles from becoming disconnected from each other. After all, it is better to have one successful profile that uses all the tools available on a particular social network, than several disengaged ones that do not bring results.


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