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Catwalk highlights - 4 runway shows to catch up now

Updated: Nov 24, 2020


Acne Studios

This collection was a dive into a futuristic and contemporary ease. The brand's signature deconstructed designs with unique cuts gave a fresher spin to lounge-worthy items, stating a freedom sensibility. The crafted feel echoed the relaxed atmosphere, but this time it took a new approach: iridescent finishes were layered with unbleached materials giving the rustic aesthetic an edgy sensibility.



Set in an imaginary setting of Atlantis's ruins, using references from the 1992 collection created by Gianni Versace, the S/S 21/22 show symbolized a new world post-pandemic. The collection itself was a portrait of the desire for escaping reality, with ultra-bright colors, maxi and bold prints, elaborate silhouettes, bright trims, and the brand’s statement sensuality. Sea-centric details, micro-pleated dresses with ruffles bouncing like jellyfish, and cascading skirts layered like shells all invoked an optimistic future and playful atmosphere.


Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham's collections are known for their commercial yet highly sophisticated appeal. This collection was a revival of the ’70s, updating her specific tailoring through elongated trousers, flared hems and straight-cut blazers – pieces made for real women. Rooted in reality and practicality, the outfits were echoing freshness through vibrant and neutral hue interactions. The long dresses had a sophisticated edge, with flat fabrics and casual knits, complemented by cut-outs and statement adjustments.


Christopher John Rogers

Christopher John Rogers is known for glamour, but this season the collection was somewhat different. Rogers’ girl was a combination of glamour puss and everyday woman – pragmatic and foreboding. Easy cotton and taffeta fabrics typified this new woman, while the vibrant colors and embellishments echoed the atmosphere. Exaggerated puff sleeves and curved hips added to the drama.


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