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Channeling the asymmetric trend

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Asymmetric proportions in fashion go back to the 19th century when the fishtail became famous during the Victorian age. Since then, designers have been using asymmetry to update classic garments and bring a more youthful spin. Now, this trend is emerging through three different dominant approaches – and we’re all over this new direction.


Subtle asymmetric cutouts give a fresh twist to jersey tops and cocktail dresses, embracing femininity and sensuality. Invoking a bolder narrative and elevating the asymmetric touch, this approach is perfect for younger and more avant-garde consumers.

Images: Simon Miller; C+plus Series; Tom Ford

Asymmetric sleeves

Asymmetry silhouettes are on the rise, and the architectural one-shouldered detail provides the perfect twist for this trend. Consider subtle volume as a key takeaway and explore ruches and draped designs to bring extra-dramatic appeal.

Images: Tibi; Flying Solo; C+plus Series

Deconstructed design

Texture plays into a sophisticated and futurist mood through layers and mixed patterns and textiles. Thoughtful detailing provides a modern spin to classic items and elevates the asymmetric take. For an ultimate visual impact, explore pleats to create volume and surface intensity.

Images: Snow Xue Gao; Aknvas; Mr Saturday

Check out our trend mood board to give your collection a contemporary take through asymmetric proportions.


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