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Color Wheel: What is it and its importance in fashion

A color wheel is essential for developing fashion collections. Discover what a color wheel is and its primary role in collection development.


Colors play a pivotal role in the fashion market as they affect how we perceive things. Each color holds its own significance and subconsciously conveys a message, directly affecting our psychological and cognitive capacities.

According to Coloro, a global authority in color forecasting, 80% of fashion customers’ purchase decisions are based on the product color. This makes the choice of colors and their combinations crucial when developing a fashion collection.

But how can you ensure that the shades harmonize with each other? And how can you create a combination that aligns with your brand identity? This is where the color wheel comes into play.

What is the color wheel and why is it important?

The color wheel is a tool that simplifies the visual representation of colors and aids in understanding possible combinations of different colors and their properties. In practice, it helps in developing a color palette for designs.

Selecting a color palette based solely on the designer’s preference can be detrimental to a collection. Hence, utilizing the color wheel is essential. Read on to learn how to use it.

How to use the color wheel?

The color wheel is a round chart divided into 12 equal sections, with each representing a color (with varying levels of saturation). There are three primary colors, three secondary colors and six tertiary colors.

First, create four types of color combinations:

  • Complementary colors – these colors are opposite each other on the wheel, such as green and red or blue and orange

  • Analogous colors – these colors are closely positioned to each other on the wheel. It comprises a primary color and two neighboring colors

  • Triadic colors – these are three colors equidistant on the wheel, forming an equilateral triangle with equal sides

  • Monochromatic colors – this forms the tone-on-tone aesthetic, which uses various shades of the same color on the wheel

A tip for combining colors is to use Adobe Color, a free tool provided by Adobe, to create color palettes on the website.

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