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Colours for activewear: Opposite directions

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Two opposite colour palettes emerge as key directions for the seasons to come. Metallics hues come to the fore channeling a more vibrant and futuristic aesthetic, while restorative colours bring a more healing and softer feel. The latter is more suitable for relaxing activities, while the former is important for high-intensity sports.

High shine activewear

Metallics are on the rise, and for activewear, these colours are essential to channeling a futuristic and vibrant atmosphere. High-shines will evoke a performance-led aesthetic, necessary for more dynamic activities. This direction is vital to bringing an energetic feel, indispensable for the post-pandemic scenario, where some consumers will look for vigorous activities.

Images: Bandier; 4254; Bandier

Restorative colours

Restorative colours appear as a direction to bringing a more healing and softer feel. Hues such as mineral tones and dusted pastels are essential to creating a clean and detoxified atmosphere. As consumers' interest in wellness and health has been escalating since the pandemic, opting for these tones will elevate a soothing take in your collection. Opt for them if your brand focuses on relaxing activities, such as yoga.

Images: Outdoorvoices; Oysho; Filippa K


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