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Dark Nature: Winter 2024

Textures from nature and dark tones are inspirations for women's fashion in the Winter 2024 season.

The growing interest in nature has been translated into fashion through gemstone tones, dark florals, and textured surfaces with organic inspiration. The Dark Nature theme provides inspiration to develop items that unite comfort and sophistication for women's fashion in Winter 2024. Follow along!


Consumers are seeking refuge in the slow rhythm of nature to achieve balance in their lives, making rest and wellbeing a priority in the construction of pieces. Nature is also a source of inspiration to create energizing products, driving colors, prints, and sophisticated textures that are immersive as they make an impact and stimulate the senses. Combining these two powers, this proposal merges everyday comfort with the sophistication of night-out pieces, creating a collection that adapts to different occasions.

Design strategies

  1. Loungewear Set

Loungewear sets go beyond comfort by incorporating luxurious characteristics, such as silky fabrics, pleated surfaces, and sophisticated neutral tones. Bet on an extravagant design where differentiated surface constructions are created from structured gatherings, imperfect pleats, and wavy effects.



2. Vest

The swamp inspiration adds an unusual look to the vest. The organic aspect of mud is portrayed through irregular strokes, earthy tones, and textured surfaces. Going beyond classic tailoring, adopt distinctive and striking details, such as fringes and cutouts that expose parts of the skin.



3. Sweater

With inspiration from nature, the sweater receives imperfect and rustic finishes on the surface. Add texture through openwork and worn stitches that create repetitive patterns, like delicate florals. Starting from earthy tones, adopt mixed yarns and develop abstract jacquards in gradient colors with a degrade effect.



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