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Decorative talismans emerge for jewelry collections

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Everyday spirituality is becoming increasingly important to consumers. In the post-pandemic scenario, designs that carry protective and meaningful messages will have greater appeal and relevance. For the jewelry market, amulets and talismans will rise as key items for the next seasons.

Defensive icons

Defensive icons that offer protective qualities are the most popular and commercial to tap into this trend. Think of fig signs, Greek eyes, four-leaf clovers, Hamsa hands, and horseshoes and mix those charms in different sizes to bring a fun touch. Colors can also be an exciting element, applied through resins or stones on metal hardware.

Images: @winterlemon_jewelry; @winterlemon_jewelry; @sparkleyayiylang23@ylan@ylang23g23@ylang

Delicate constructions

Delicate constructions can also elevate the commercial take, and investing in smaller structures is vital to bring the aesthetic. Opt for a sophisticated feel through metals, especially with yellow gold or silver, and work with colorless crystals, adding light points.

Images: @jenmeyerjewelry; @lskyejewelry; Kendra Scott

@jenmeyerjewelry @jenmeyerjewelry


Give a fresh touch to medals by focusing on symbols that relate to consumers personally, such as zodiac or animal signs. Small stones are welcome to add embellishment, as well as cutout details. For a mystical touch, go for shades like lead-gray and vintage finishes.

Images: Hiouchi; Ju Gastin; Ana Luisa


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