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Digital Synesthesia: Sportswear

The rise of nighttime sports, such as cycling and running, has fueled futuristic references that bring vibrant colors and impactful prints to sportswear. Technology and nature converge in an immersive and striking concept designed for outdoor exercises in 2024. Adaptable for winter and summer, this theme stimulates visual excitement through artificially inspired colors and prints.

Context and Inspiration - Digital Synesthesia: Sportswear

  • The surge in nighttime outdoor sports, particularly cycling and running, has led to extraordinary colors and digital-effect prints that create a strong visual impact

  • Immersing oneself in nature through wellness adventures offers a sensory retreat to disconnect from the internet and step away from screens

  • Sporting groups and events that promote socialization through collective in-person experiences present opportunities for brands to collaborate in support of wellbeing

Cosmo Rio

Embrace the Trend

  • Glow-in-the-dark materials, reflective details and inks and lighting systems play a functional role in ensuring the safety of nighttime cyclists and runners

  • Gradient effects achieved through vibrant colors offer an opportunity to awaken the senses via prints. Draw inspiration from sunsets and incorporate into gradients that take on a digital effect through soft transitions and super-saturated hues

  • Create circular cutouts by layering a sports top with a cropped blouse. For a striking visual, add neon details in contrasting cutouts and straps

  • Embrace a futuristic and bold approach inspired by the glow of outer space, using responsibly sourced synthetic materials with metallic and holographic surfaces

Savage x Fenty

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