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Enhance wellbeing through soothing pastels

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

We know that the lockdown has brought numerous changes to the market and consumer behavior, with a long-term impact that will remain, even after the social isolation is over. The fashion industry has been seeing already some changes due to the pandemic, and colors will play a critical role in the coming seasons, reflecting these changes.

This summer, we see a particular tendency towards pastels, which intend to calm and bring a soothing feeling of peace and comfort. We are aware that this palette is crucial for the sleepwear market, but as the lounging transcends to running errands, their importance grows.


Associated with optimism and leisure, yellow comes into the spotlight through very light and delicate pastel hues. This commercial color is versatile and particularly stands out in fabrics with a natural shine, such as satin, lending it more maturity and sophistication.

Images: Cacilia Bahnsen; Realisation Par; Low Classic


Mint green has gained popularity since last summer’s fashion shows. It continues to grow as an option for bringing light and a fresh feel to the season. Like yellow, green works exceptionally well with a satin finish and also, on more natural fabrics, like linen. Color can be associated with good health, which is vital to the post-pandemic scenario.

Image: Ganni; COS Store; Áryene Paris


Pastel blue is known for its calming properties, and it is also a very commercial option for all regions. Unlike the other shades mentioned here, blue goes well in matte fabrics, especially in basic knitwear.

Images: Agua by Agua Bandita; Cris Barros; Cult Gaia


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