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Fashion Journey: The Creative process

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The creative process of building a fashion collection varies widely from brand to brand, designer to designer, and even from one market segment to another. But mostly it starts with research. Inspiration can come in many forms, but creating a mood board – capturing the feeling the designer seeks for the collection – is a smart way to bring visual ideas into reality.

However, to design a collection that will sell, making sure the theme and the elements chosen are relevant is crucial. Trend research is essential to this process as it will give a complete view of what's selling and relevant.

Once a designer has a concept and has validated it, it's time to build the pieces. Some start by sketching, others by draping fabrics, but using CADs and Tech Packs can streamline the process, especially if the brand is small and has no time or money to lose.

Next, the designer has a pattern cut and goes through fitting it on a muslin. Now it's time to refine. For smaller brands, refining too much can be costly – bringing 90% of what is developed to the market is a smart move.

Ultimately, it's about creating desire, but finding ways to streamline the process is essential for a successful fashion brand when it's time to talk business.

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