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Florals: Opposite directions

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Florals have always been part of the commercial print catalogue, but they often take new directions depending on the season, month, market, and brand to keep its relevance. Start by WGSN is forecasting two opposite directions for florals, one embracing nostalgia and the other one embracing delicacy.

70's Blooms

Fully embracing the 70s vibe, florals take the vintage territory for swimwear through pastel tones and earthy hues. Maxi patterns are the way to go if you look for an ultimate impact, while green shades of pastel green give a more modern appeal.

Images: Jason Wu; Cosmo Rio

Delicate florals

Florals have always been commercial, especially for women, but now delicate florals emerge as a key direction for classic menswear pieces. Softer hues, such as pastel colours, are crucial to elevating this look.

Images: Ardusse; Nanushka; Davi


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