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Giving a fresh take to the utilitarian aesthetic

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

The search for escapism in nature becomes an answer to deal with the unfamiliar landscape of the post-COVID-19 world. For SS/21, the nature refuge takes a new meaning, moving away from the rustic aesthetic, and tapping into a more protective and utilitarian appeal. This direction is key for the LATAM region, as tropical references are responsible for updating the functional design.

Short-sleeve shirt

Functional statement details elevate the classic short-sleeve shirt, combining a summerly feel with protective design. Structure textiles with a cotton base are essential to bringing a protective approach. Focus on military shades to uplift the design.

Images: Piet; Rains; Cotton Project

Utilitarian shorts

Utility elements revamp the shorts, and adding an unexpected tailoring touch contributes to a sophisticated design. Styles that hit just above the knee recreate formality, while fluid fabrics enhance the tropical feel. Explore discreet pockets as a way to add a minimalist touch, essential for a commercial take.

Images: Uniforme Paris; Piet; Bolovo

Tailor pants

The tailor pants tap into the utilitarian aesthetic through technical and tactical trims. The elastic waistband offers function, while the cropped style brings a breezy touch. Neutral hues can be the way to go for the southern hemisphere, while the black helps rein in the sporty vibe.

Images: Piet; Osklen; Ready to Die


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