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Gothcore: The Goth Aesthetic in 2023

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

The contemporary gothic aesthetic is emerging with references to medieval Europe and the Victorian era. The trend, which first peaked in the 1980s, has returned to collections by major brands and invaded pop culture. The aesthetic is yet another one that has been updated for the new generation, with a lighter and more sensual touch. Discover why gothcore is on the rise.


Pop culture

  • Cinema and TV shows: movies such as M3GAN and X, as well as the show Wednesday, which has become an indisputable phenomenon, reinforce the gothcore aesthetic

  • Music: artists such as Demi Lovato are leaving pop and migrating to rock

  • Red carpet: the style has been highlighted on the red carpet of major awards ceremonies around the world. One example is the 2023 Grammy Awards, where attendees including Doja Cat and Amanda Gorman harnessed the impact of the style with a gothic look

Wednesday - TV Series @juliafox

Social media

Gothcore and other related looks of the gothic aesthetic gained millions of views on social media, especially on TikTok and Instagram. Style influencers are driven by relevance, as well as tutorial videos for gothic-inspired heavy make-up to gain high engagement.

@jennaortega Versace

How to invest

  • For clothing, explore overlays, minidresses, lace pieces, leather jackets, utility jackets, tank tops, destroyed jeans

  • For shoes, opt for boots and sandals with tractor soles

  • Prints such as stripes, checks and stains

  • Mix of necklaces and leather belts in accessories

  • Watch out for the monochrome black to compose stylings

  • Ripped jeans and shorts

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