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Halloween 2023: Children’s Fashion

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Halloween offers a great opportunity to develop themed products and capsule collections. Check out a selection of inspirations to explore this theme in children's fashion.

Halloween is becoming an increasingly important date in the market, especially in childrenswear, offering a great opportunity for developing themed products, capsule collections and brand activations. START by WGSN presents a range of references and inspirations to capitalize on the event celebrated on October 31.

1. Classic Halloween Elements

  • Classic references from the horror universe, such as skeletons, ghosts, pumpkins, bats and spider webs are key for Halloween-themed designs

  • These elements are worked into prints, appearing in localized or all-over patterns

  • For skeletons, the spotlight is on designs that showcase life-sized bones, creating a fun visual impact on the surfaces


2. Witches and Sorceresses

  • Boosted by the success of television series such as Netflix's Wednesday, witches and sorceresses gain prominence as inspirations

  • Black or purple dresses are explored in voluminous silhouettes and materials such as tulle and lace, especially for girls

  • Embroidery, localized prints and transparencies are recurring details, along with a touch of sparkle, reinforcing the dark aesthetic

  • Capes are a key element, serving as a playful piece for imaginative play. Closure around the neck area with Velcro or ties is emphasized

  • Brands are working with materials featuring subtle shine, such as velvet, but synthetic, satin and metallic bases are also seen

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