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High Fashion: Commercial Trends to Boost Your Brand

High fashion brings luxurious and exclusive elements to the fashion industry, featuring handmade garments with the finest materials. Even though these collections target a specific audience, they offer opportunities to experiment on the runway and appeal to everyone, not just high-fashion consumers. We identify emerging trends that can be easily adapted to a more accessible, commercial and even casual fashion range. Check them out!

High Fashion Trends: Everyday Fashion

  • Prominent brands embrace everyday wear, bringing a casual and relaxed vibe

  • Denim pants are in the spotlight with embroidered silk bases that replicate the indigo wash effect. Get inspired by more relaxed silhouettes and pair with lace shirts and blouses

Jean Paul Gaultier

High Fashion Trends: Corset

  • Neutral colors are key, particularly beige shades that allude to classic lingerie

  • Boldness is a standout feature, featuring pronounced necklines and transparent elements on the body

Ashi Studio

High Fashion Trends: Floral Patterns

  • Floral patterns take center stage on high-fashion runways, such as the back décolletage on the Giorgio Armani dress

  • They also stand out in accessories such as bracelets, earrings and rings crafted from structured metals

Giorgio Armani Privé
Giambattista Valli

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