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Hot Trend on the Rise: Tomato Girl Aesthetic

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Discover tomato girl, the new trend that’s gone viral on social media

A major highlight on social media, the tomato girl trend has amassed over 40m views on TikTok, where users are sharing tips on how to incorporate it into lifestyle, beauty and fashion.


How it Originated

“Tomato girl” was dubbed so by a TikTok user who showcased a montage of Mediterranean-style images in a video, emphasizing summer dresses, red nails, tile decorations and classic Italian cuisine.

Tomato girl combines simplicity and sensuality. It embodies a soft and mature look, often highlighting a carefree and natural aspect.

Key clothing include:

  • Loose and flowy dresses

  • Long and fluid skirts

  • Straight corduroy or linen pants

  • Lightweight tops

How to Invest in Your Collection

For prints, invest in patterns such as florals, gingham and fruit and vegetable designs. Pay attention to accessories such as basket-style bags, straw hats, lace-up sandals and gold-tone jewelry.

Check out some images below to get inspired!

Princess Polly
Lisa Says Gah
J Crew
Yellow The Label

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