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How to avoid going wrong with the production

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Production is one of the most critical steps when it comes to the fashion businesses. None of the less, for small brands making a few mistakes while the garment is under production, can be lethal. Streamlining the process by saving time and money and avoiding miscommunication are crucial strategies to make sure nothing will go wrong.

Taking the Tech Pack for granted

A Tech Pack is an essential tool that contains all the product's information, from technical sketches to specification measurements. Developing this tool will prevent many errors that tend to occur when sending the designs to production, such as excess purchases of trims and materials, the production of wrong sizes, misapplication of details, and many others that will undoubtedly reduce a collection's profits. Likewise, factories tend to produce more quality when there are instructions mapped out in the Tech Packs.

Not making samples

Even if you have been working with the same factory for quite some time, samples are crucial as they will be the model to create bulk production. Doing so with the same factory that will produce the designs is extremely important to getting accuracy in the construction guidelines and grading of sizes, and ultimately saving money.

Making continuous changes

Understandably, some changes must be made, especially for new-born brands, but that is why the samples are so important. These adjustments should be addressed in the first or second sample - where the focus must be more on the details. Redesigning the product, especially in the rounds to come, can be costly and time-consuming. And that is why the first and second steps are so crucial, as it will allow seeing gradually what the product would become.

Not budgeting

When it comes to product development, making sure about each item's profit margin is essential, and not understanding the fees included in the production can be lethal, specifically for small brands. Setting the wholesale and retail prices is also key to learn if the pricing fits the margin. Payment terms are also crucial.

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