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How to boost online sales with product description

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

The quarantine led us to focus even more on the online market, developing strategies to improve your business. After analyzing the market and talking to customers, we realized that high product return rates and "abandoned carts" are current e-commerce stores' problems.

We studied ways to solve this issue and discovered that product description strategies are essential to boost your online sales. Besides giving credibility to your website and showing your product's characteristics in the right way, they also improve ranking on search engines.

We want to make sure that you have a well-structured plan with the right strategies to keep sales going throughout the pandemic so, we put together the basics for the perfect product description.

Regarding technical details, a survey by Backlinko showed that for the product page to occupy the top 10 positions on Google searches, for example, must have a description with at least 1700 words. It seems like a lot, but the good news is that we will give you so much information to include in your text that reaching this number will be easy.

  • Describe the product in detail, with information about color, finishes, and trims;

  • Give suggestions on how that item can be worn, showing combinations with other products available;

  • Mention the exact fabric composition, sizes, and measurements;

  • Include washing and care instructions;

  • Do not forget to include shipping, exchange, and return information.

Images: Zara; Net-a-porter

The formatting of the text and the way you write is also fundamental for a successful description. In the first case, prioritize clarity and an easy-to-understand layout, with words in bold and small pieces of information. Bullet points are often the right solution.

Regarding the way the description is written: think about your ideal consumer. What would they like to read? What they value most? What information would they love to know about the product?

Don't forget to use keywords from your SEO, and a consistent tone with your brand identity, choosing words that your consumer would use daily.

Another very effective strategy is to use terms that act as mental triggers, allowing consumers to imagine themselves wearing and "feeling" the clothes. Therefore, words that bring a sense of durability, and exclusivity are excellent choices. Finally, if possible, enable buyers' comments and ratings. This feature is essential for your store to have more credibility among customers. A positive testimonial from a satisfied person can influence many others who are in doubt.


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