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How to choose the right trend

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

The digital era has accelerated the need for newness, and listening to the consumers demanding signals, especially in an industry that is more subject to trends such as the fashion one, is essential to keep your brand relevant. In social media times, we are blurred into a constant stream of freshness and identifying what’s trending, how likely it is to last, and how relevant this trend is for your customer is crucial to not only predict when to launch a new product, but also boost sales.

Identifying a relevant trend is not an easy job. Today, consumers move faster than brands do, so predicting and establishing the right trend for your clientele and delivering at the right time is key for your business success.

Pursue your brand identity

Reinforcing a brand identity and delivering a clear message is essential to your business’ longevity. To create a growing and profitable business, you need to align your brand with what you design and produce. Identifying the trends that are relatable with your label narrative will reflect on sales and help keep marketing costs down.

Get to know your consumer

Knowing what will sell the next season is crucial, but understanding your buyers and their needs will help you increase revenues and reduce customer acquisition. Using analytics tools and conducting interviews can give your brand a deeper knowledge of your consumer and help you understand what they want - within the budget.

Production comes first

Now that you are aware of your consumer’s needs and have considered your brand purpose, you need to think of your production. Improving your brand’s operation is essential for building a strong foundation, and finding the perfect factory and garment producer can help you thrive. When it comes to making your clothes, especially with a small business, it is essential to find suppliers that understand the importance of trend prediction and can deliver fresh trims or fabric options.

On the right track

Today, we receive bombardments of information because of social media, and trends are popping up everywhere. To follow the right direction, not only, you need to be looking at all this information, but also, find where the real trends are and learn how to channel them. You need to determine what is relevant and examine how they have a tangible impact on the fashion industry.

To put you and your company on the right track, we created a platform to help small businesses in the long run, delivering essential intelligence with up-to-date fashion trends across all globe, ready to use tech packs, and easy to navigate features.

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