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How to increase online sales

The pandemic brought many economic changes and behavioral shifts. In several countries, production centers and physical stores were closed, and now, even after the relaxation of lockdown, companies are trying to understand what the ‘new normal’ will be. Of course, all eyes are on the digital world, and companies are now focusing even more on online shopping. According to retail figures published by the Commerce Department, during the pandemic, consumers spent $200.72bn online with US retailers, up 44.4% from $138.96bn for the same quarter the previous year. Even after the pandemic, consumers will be more tempted to shop online. To help you make your e-commerce the best core stream of revenue, we have selected the best strategies to increase sales.

Paying attention to the content in your e-commerce is extremely important to ease the sense of coldness online shopping can bring. If you are committed to your website and what it contains, you must give special attention to the images and product description. Since images are the only way of showing your products online, you need to concentrate on getting better clicks. Provide pictures from every angle and explore showcasing your products through a 360 degrees view or videos. Also, having a good description of the product can increase the chances of selling. A survey by Backlinko showed that for a product page to occupy the top 10 positions on Google searches, they must have a description of at least 1,700 words. Describing your product with information about color, finishes, and trims, giving suggestions on how that item can be worn, mentioning the exact fabric composition, providing sizes measurements, and including washing and care instructions are essential to not only improve the rank in the search engine’s organic results but also decrease product return. Writing a blog with content that speaks to your brand’s DNA and that your consumers might search on Google is also an excellent way of sending traffic to your website. Using this content to send out a newsletter and sharing it on social media will engage your community and increase brand awareness.

As with paying attention to your website’s content, you need to be aware of its user experience. Reducing friction in the checkout can have a significant impact on your ecommerce conversion rates. Making it easier for your customers to buy what you are selling is crucial to increase sales. Shopping online can be far from linear, so the more effortless you make the buying process, the more likely consumers will actually check out. Offering intuitive navigation, eliminating unnecessary steps, and skipping irrelevant field forms will decrease the chances of abandoned carts. Consumers have more choice than ever before in terms of how they will pay for online purchases. Offering extended payment options beyond the traditional credit card will increase the chances of selling. Explore newer services that are becoming popular on mobiles such as Apple Pay and WePay.

The most crucial asset that fashion brands have is visual appearance – and to increase online sales, your brand needs to be visually represented. There is no better way to do that than to develop a clear social media marketing strategy. When it comes to social networks, Instagram is the most photo-driven and the primary choice for social media marketing to fashion brands, not to mention a vital sales channel. Having a social media profile that communicates your brand’s lifestyle and creating relatable and inspirational content will increase your online sales. Showcasing your garments and the latest drops are essential to boost the desire for your products.


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