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How to plan a Fashion Collection

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Planning a fashion collection can be challenging, especially for brands that have a small budget and can't take the chance to have plenty of deadstock.

Fashion has always been the mirror of history, so knowing what’s happening in today's society and the major cultural shifts are essential to design a relevant collection. Also, discovering pertinent trends that are popping up worldwide is crucial as it will allow you to bring freshness to classic garments and find new ways of updating your designs.

A commercially successful collection tells a story through the products, and to create a consistent narrative, you need to establish a theme that should be consistent and recognizable from the start. Illustrating your collection's concept is a crucial part of the process and developing a mood board is essential to materialize what story the pieces will tell. At Start by WGSN, you can access thousands of ready-to-use moodboards.

When developing your collection, it’s essential to aim to have a minimum of 10 pieces and looks. Traditionally, within a collection, there are five to 10 product categories, and usually, 65% of it is dedicated to basic and essential items. 25% are trend-led, and the other 10% is the brand ‘state of art’. Of course, these percentages vary according to the brand's DNA, but having these numbers in mind will help you establish your product mix.

Finally, you need to consider shapes, details, and fabrics that are the best fit for your designs. Also, defining a color palette and the right colors for each piece can make your collection more appealing. Size ranges are also substantial, so keep in mind what sizes you will offer for each product.

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