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Ideas to promote your fashion collection

A successful commercial collection is about designing the right products, but marketing is also an essential part of increasing sales. Having the right strategies to promote your fashion collection will help the brand in the long run, and getting it right will increase the consumer’s loyalty and expand the brand’s reach.


Stories help us feel empathy and learn more about something, and they are capable of humanizing your brand. In today’s digitally-driven society, connecting with your audience and engaging with them on a deeper level is extremely important. Brand storytelling gives consumers a reason to buy and weaves together emotions to bring consumers closer. Telling the story behind a collection helps the consumer’s engagement with the brand and sparkle curiosity. Unveiling the collection’s process and ideas behind it are an excellent strategy to begin. To maximize your collection’s visibility and impact, thinking of creative ways to do it will help. For example, making a behind the scenes video and releasing it before its launch will sparkle your customer’s curiosity, and producing a material with what’s behind the collection theme will give more meaning to the pieces.

Pre-launch buzz

Creating a buzz before the launch will increase a sense of urgency, and it will make your customer more likely to shop when the collection is dispatched. Running ads that drop clues about the garments that will be on it and sending e-mails with a “save the date” will give the customers enough information to want more.

To complete the buzz, you must think about expanding the campaign’s reach. Getting influencers on board to do so can be a smart strategy. Of course, it can also be expansive for smaller businesses, so targeting smaller influencers or even loyal customers to do it can be the way to go around.

Engaging with customers

After you launched the collection, you must think of ways to engage consumers to interact with your brand. Instead of just blasting your consumers with photos of the garments and pieces, you can ask them to share pictures of them using it and even commenting on the outfit’s ideas on your social media. Your brand has a unique signature, and unveiling it to your customers is essential, but to sell, you must invite them to be a part of it, giving a sense of belonging.

Content and visual is everything, especially for fashion businesses. Investing in the quality of editorial images and videos is also extremely important. Keep that in mind!


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