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The trend expert shares his view on the short and medium-term future of fashion - and tells his bets for small brands

When it comes to fashion trends, START by WGSN works with the world's best experts to identify new elements of style that are gaining traction. We interviewed Rodrigo Olivares Ortiz, our trendspotter in Mexico, about the trends small fashion brands should capitalize on for 2023. Check them out below!

What trends from A/W 23 should smaller brands invest in? Why?

The use of feathers on clothing and accessories, even in appliques can put on and take off, both for women, men or genderless garments / accessories. They are easy to find in the supply market and look very nice over any key item. I suggest applying on the same color base garment or in a colorful accessory.

(Image: Arial 12)

What color will have traction by the end of 2022/beginning of 2023? Why did you choose this color and for which segments does it work best?

Definitely Orchid Flower (fucsia) is such a commercial color (perfect for casual, womenswear, menswear and swimwear). We are seeing a lot in social media and it's still gaining traction. It says a lot about the social context today, as START by WGSN Macro Theme Euphoria explains.

(Image: Moschino)

What are the most commercially promising prints for the end of 2022/beginning of 2023?

Psychedelic prints, referring us to the 60s, when happened one of the most powerful fashion revolutions. We will continue to see this prints on acid tones, pastels and even monochromatic tones this year and in 2023.

(Image: Julia Heuer)

Which current trends are most relevant globally?

All kind of gender-inclusive garments: skirts, tops, accessories and even underwear, so this is one of the most relevant trends since last year. We’re seeing global brands launching more impactful gender-inclusive collections and social media users are hopping on the trend. This will change the way we see fashion, thanks to Gen Z.

(Image: Levi's x No Sesso)


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