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Jump-starting your collection: Creating a mood board

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

A mood board is a great tool to sharpen your visual ideas at the start of your creative process. As the old saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words, and this tool can be crucial to communicate what your collection will be about.

A successful fashion collection can tell a story through the pieces, so before you start your mood board, you must define a theme that will guide your creative process. Inspiration can come in the most unlikely forms, from architecture to movie mise en scene, and thinking outside the box might be an excellent way to find a direction.

A mood board is practically a collage of images and fabrics you will use to reference and support the previous concept made. To make sure everything ties together, it must contain all of the collection’s elements, such as material samples, prints, color palette, image references of shapes, and styles.

However, to design a collection that will actually sell, you need to make sure the theme and the elements that you’ve chosen are relevant and up to date. Trend researching is crucial to this process as it will give you a complete view of what’s selling right now and whether the concept, materials, trims, and shapes are significant and timely.

Now that your ideas are in place, you need to curate every image and samples to ensure that they reflect your brand’s identity. This is a crucial part of the process as it will help you design a relevant and appealing collection that feels right for your customers.

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