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Key Aesthetic: Digital Future

As we spend more and more time on-screen and connecting to people online, the difference between what is virtual and material is becoming less important, especially in fashion.

The Digital Future Aesthetic emerges as a key direction, reimagining fashion for the future. Check out the directions that are shaping this new narrative:

Virtual clothes

One of the most extraordinary appeals of digital fashion is that it is also a sustainable option, especially when it comes to fast fashion. We still see mass consumption and disposable clothing. But considering that, for many people, frequently buying new clothes has a lot to do with social media, virtual clothes emerges as a smart solution.

Images: Selfridges x Didi Gal; Lil'Maquela; Studio Arcci

Psychedelic prints

Psychedelic prints evoke this virtual atmosphere through bold color and abstract patterns. Moving away from the ’70s territory, waves and swishy styles offer a more contemporary take. Bold and bright colors are essential to elevate this virtual mood, while less saturated hues provide a more sophisticated touch.

Images: Bruna Marquezine; Nina Ricci; Acne Studios

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