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Key boots in the spotlight at Fashion Week

This season, designers opt for a more renewed approach to update classic boots' silhouettes. Texture, practicality, and adaptability were critical to a season that has united comfort with sophistication. The knee boots appear as an essential item on the agenda but with a contemporary spin, while the heavy boots appear with practical materials and removable adornments.

The Knee Boots

Knee boots are a key item on the agenda to invest in for the A/W season. Texture has been a critical direction for designers experimenting with sculptural forms, using metal or shiny details.

Trendspotter suggestion:

Square-toe style is an excellent way to bring newness to this classic footwear silhouette. For a more luxurious quality, the leather is crucial, but if you want to achieve a relaxed and cozy feel, introduce fabrics inspired by traditional soft furnishings.

Heavy Boots

Heavy boots were an essential item at London Fashion Week, especially those with chunky flatform constructions. Practical materials, such as rubber, provided a more functional and fashion-forward direction, while adornments gave a softer and edgier look to combat boots.

Trendspotter suggestion:

Explore removable adornments to allow customization, and opt for neutral colors to bring a more commercial appeal to these styles.


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