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New romantics: a new direction for menswear

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Conveying elegance and a romantic sensibility, New Romantics is a critical trend for menswear. Within this new aesthetic, delicate florals come to the fore through softer tones, while the pearl necklace appears as a key item in jewelry.

Pearl Necklace

Accessories are not usually associated with menswear, but as part of a more delicate and romantic aesthetic, they can find commercial success, especially among more daring consumers. Think of classic constructions and smaller proportions to make the pearl necklace even more appealing.

Delicate florals

Florals have always been part of the commercial print catalogue, especially for women, but now delicate florals are being applied to classic menswear pieces, including woven shirts and shorts. Softer hues such as pastel colours are crucial to elevate this look, while small patterns, such as Liberty designs, invoke nostalgia, giving a more vintage take.

Images: Ardusse; Nanushka; Davi


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