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Online Store: Black Friday Strategies

Continuing here on the START by WGSN blog our series of posts with special Black Friday strategies for small brands, today we're going to cover online stores strategies: how to organize it before Black Friday.

Organize your online store

After a period of restrictions, stores are returning to physical retail and receiving customers. Despite this, it is essential to review and improve your online store and its associated customer experience. With Black Friday approaching, your website may have a large volume of simultaneous access. Our tip here is to tidy up and review your e-commerce platform in advance to avoid inconvenience and damage. Remember, if a customer's experience presents a problem, they are likely to give up and visit a competitor’s site.

With that in mind, here are some important points to take note of:

- Review everything from start to finish. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and test the user journey on your website. This will help you discover any errors, bugs, problems or inconsistencies. Remember to browse, filter, search for specific items, checkout, etc

- Update your inventory. Ensure your website reflects the correct stock and size availability in real time. One of the most negative (and frustrating) experiences for a customer is finding something they want and then discovering it’s out of stock

- Are your products easy to find? Is your site's search functionality working as it should be? Does your product description provide all the information a customer might need? Is the shopping basket easy to view, edit and check out?

- Most consumers shop via their phone devices, so it's important to ensure your website is mobile-compatible, without any errors. Use Google's mobile compatibility test to help with this

- Contact your web hosting provider to understand your traffic limitations as hits are expected to increase a lot on Black Friday. Many servers can handle increased traffic well but may need to be upgraded. Stay on the safe side to avoid damage

- Make sure your customer service and after-sales offer are in the best condition. Remember that a customer's journey does not end when they receive a purchased product. Make sure support and contact information are available and easy to find

Selling more and better


Offering a more sophisticated or advanced version of the product the customer originally intended to buy can be an interesting strategy to increase your average ticket if you manage to optimize your website to provide product recommendations.


When it comes to fashion retail, it is extremely important to offer complementary items during your customer's online shopping experience. It's possible that they haven’t explored all the categories or simply haven't seen or noticed specific items that match. For example, create combinations of three or four complementary products that go well together, and offer the complete package to customers with a good discount on the total. The more practical the better.

Both are great strategies to take full advantage of selling more to a customer who is already on your site. Combined deals work great on big sales days such as Black Friday and Cyber ​​​​Monday, when people are looking for a much better deal – and of course tend to buy more than usual.

To use these strategies more effectively, add value to those choices by making it clear to the customer, directly and objectively, why it's a good choice.

Use the sense of urgency in your favor

Offering discounts by itself may not be enough to make customers buy from an online store, especially if you're a small brand and at a time when virtually all competitors have very similar strategies.

One of the most used triggers for impulse conversions is the sense of urgency. There are several ways to create urgency for Black Friday campaigns. Check out some below and get inspired:

- Create a lightning campaign: instant sales are discounts or special conditions that last for a short time (usually from a few hours to a maximum of one day). To encourage customers to buy, highlight start and end times and, if possible, display a countdown timer on your website

- Limited stock: make stock quantity visible when a product is running low (less than 10 units, for example). This creates the feeling that it will be sold out at any moment

- Timing: if it is part of your brand identity, use a language that appeals to the question of time. Keywords such as “now”, “just today”, or “last chance” are good examples that make the message clear. Consider including it in your communication, in advertisements or in specific pages of your online store.

- Colors: use a color that stands out to enhance your promotion. Red, yellow, and lime green are good examples, but you can also try a color that contrasts with the main tone of your site. Remember that during this period, communication must be clear and attractive

Check in advance the possibility of configuring these actions on your e-commerce platform or consult your information technology professional.

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