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Orchid Flower, WGSN x Coloro’s Color of the Year 2022

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

A well-defined color palette is a key success factor for a collection. It is important to stay true to your brand identity and know your audience well, so you can have a good view of which colors tend to be more successful in your market. With that in mind, START by WGSN blog covers color trends for fashion collections this year.

(Orchid Flower)

For 2022, it is important to balance the constant desire for novelty with the need for familiarity that is so precious in times of uncertainty and great change. Reassuring shades of green, blue and yellow which are consistent year-round stand out, while vibrant tones of pink and orange guarantee emotion and optimism for the season.

But the highlight of the year is Orchid Flower. Elected as the Color of the Year 2022 by WGSN, the global authority on trend forecasting, and Coloro, the industry expert on the future of color, Orchid Flower is a darker magenta, versatile and full of energy.

Orchid Flower has an intense and energizing quality that allows it to stand out in both real life and digital environments. It’s also versatile enough to work across all seasons and on all continents. Perfect for challenging periods like the ones we’re living in, this tone creates a sense of positivity and escapism, reinforcing the so-called dopamine fashion (pieces with cheerful and optimistic colors and prints). This color will also have increasing applications in all design industries as we move towards a post-pandemic world.

While the whole range of pink – from the most washed to the most saturated – have been a constant in recent seasons, the most vibrant colors are already making an impact in sportswear and casualwear with a focus on contemporary youth/adult fashion, especially for women. This will continue strongly with Orchid Flower, which will resonate in segments such as beachwear (for plain pieces and also for prints), interiors (with matching combinations between the furniture and walls) and even in the beauty industry.

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