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Ornate Florals for A/W 23/24

Based on the international catwalk shows for the A/W 23/24 season, we explore the key directions for this trend, which add a sophisticated touch to the classic floral pattern.

Floral prints have a rich origin, rooted in diverse cultures throughout history. This heritage makes their exact trajectory challenging to trace, but their entry into Europe during the Middle Ages, through contact with the East, is a notable milestone. However, it was in the 17th and 18th centuries that floral prints gained prominence and popularity in Europe. Since then, they have become established as a classic element in the world of prints, ranging from lavish patterns to delicate details that evoke a sense of softness.

In the fashion universe, floral prints have consistently been associated with romance, and over the years, they have adapted and evolved while maintaining their characteristic essence.

This winter, florals take on a sophisticated aesthetic, offering an opportunity to update the classic design that’s a hit at retail, especially in women's fashion prints.

How to Incorporate into Your Collection

Through adorned and elegant details, ornate florals add a touch of sophistication to pieces, whether through printing or via patterns, handcrafted embroidery, applications and laser cutting.

Localised prints, crafted with broad designs, showcase a minimalist and refined look. They are strategically placed in distinctive areas, such as on sleeves and the neckline.

Key pieces include:

  • romantic dresses

  • shirts

  • coats

Tanya Taylor
Carolina Herrera

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