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Paris Fashion Week A/W 23/24 Highlights

Paris Fashion Week A/W 23/24, which took place from February 27 to March 7, has officially wrapped up. The catwalks were marked by the return of classics, but there was also space for sensuality, which was revamped from a delicate and light look. Check out the main highlights!

Stella McCartney

1. Festive Materials

Sequin details are featured in parts of the piece, especially on lighter fabrics to create contrast. Another key material is non-leather alternatives that appear with textures and blemishes. Velvet is also showcased, adding glam to winter pieces.

Stella McCartney

2. Delicate Materials

Lace takes the spotlight in Paris, being worked on the entire piece or inserted as details from cutouts to present lightness and a romantic aesthetic. Muslin and chiffon are key materials to offer an airy feel, in addition to bringing transparency as a feature. Satin fabrics are presented in drapes and ruches, offering plenty of fluidity.

Shiatzy Chen

3. Sets

Sets were widely noticed at Paris Fashion Week, particularly tailored pieces and skirts paired with crop tops. Sleeves and high-waisted long skirts showcase side slits and ruffled details. The long silhouette, shoulder pads and well-marked waist are recurrent for tailored sets.

Alexander McQueen

4. Updating Features

Designers update pieces with contemporary key details that take looks to another level. Ties and twists create ruffles and drapes via fabric manipulation, while cutouts on the neckline and waist evoke sensuality.


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