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Pastel Takeover

Pastel tones are coming to the fore as consumers look for comfort in calming and relaxed pieces. The pastel color block gives a more playful touch to classic garments, while the colorful summer sets take the spotlight with a more laid-back atmosphere.

Pastel color block

The pastel color block appears in a critical direction, especially in shirts and jackets. These pieces are updated through geometric splices, giving a more soothing effect and bringing a more playful approach. Candy-inspired color mixes are essential to this aesthetic. The combination of two colors is vital for bringing a more commercial appeal. Go for lighter materials.

Colorful summer sets

We've seen the rise of colorful summer suit sets at New York Fashion Week. Now, colorful summer sets take the spotlight, showing a more relaxed and laid-back approach through pastel tones.

Fluid textiles and candy-inspired colors are essential to bring a more soothing atmosphere to these sets. Play with patterns, giving a more youthful touch, through abstract and geometric shapes.


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