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Post-Black Friday Strategies

The end of Black Friday may seem quiet after so much planning and strategy to make the date memorable and important to your brand, but that doesn't mean the strategic planning season is over. It’s now important to understand the steps to be taken after Black Friday.

If you've made a lot of effort and followed the tips we've given here on the blog and in our exclusive e-book, you're expected to have gained a good number of customers; the focus now is on keeping them interested in your brand. Paying special attention to these customers is essential for your business to grow in number of recurrences (more purchases from the same customers, making them loyal) and, of course, for them to be able to share the good experience they had with your company.

Analyze sales data

Before focusing on maintaining your sales and preparing a strategy to stay increasing, it’s necessary to analyze your brand's performance during Black Friday. Were your email and social media strategies effective? Were the discounts profitable for customers – and especially for your business? Was your website traffic higher? Were there any technical issues or were you able to maintain/improve your company's reputation? Taking these points into consideration, now is ideal to start planning your next steps.

You can also see which products were top sellers by price and quantity, which can give you an edge when thinking about future special discounts or ways to get customers' attention to keep selling well. If you ran a Cyber ​​Monday campaign, don't forget to compare the date's analytics with that of Black Friday to better understand your customers’ behavior.

It’s also important to check the sources by which customers got to a particular product – were the ads focused on it? Did other products sell more or an equal amount without being advertised? It’s important to check in not only at this time, but periodically so that you have a good understanding of the popularity of your products and how to use this to your advantage in future advertisements and campaigns.


Focus on communicating with your customers. Focusing mainly on those who may have made their first purchase during Black Friday, present your brand and its point of difference, and show how you can become essential for that customer.

Sending periodic newsletters reaffirms that your brand cares about the customer and remembers them. Thank the customer for their purchase by offering special post-Black Friday coupons (always remember to calculate your profit) or cumulative points, birthday promotions and more. The possibilities are endless – and if it's in line with your brand identity, even consider asking directly (Instagram polls on Stories or emailed forms can work well). In addition to demonstrating that the customer's opinion is important, the feedback allows you to have more ideas when producing new sales items or even improving existing ones.

Using upcoming holiday dates to keep customers interested is also important. Inform your customers in advance about Christmas and New Year promotions via email exclusively, thus making them feel important.

Social media also continues to be the biggest source of attracting new customers, so don't forget about them!

Keep your selling strategies

Black Friday may have spurred ideas and strategies that are different from the usual. Once you see that some of them have been successful, adapt and keep them to maintain your brand's success. Focus on your brand’s social media, advertisements and promotion; collect feedback and show potential customers that your brand is worth investing in even if discounts are not always offered.

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