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Rising Aesthetics: Dystopian Future as Inspiration

After shining brightly in young fashion during S/S 23 and A/W 23/24, dystopian futures emerge as a source of inspiration for upcoming seasons.

The aesthetic of the Dystopian Future began with the "Desert  Explorer" theme, where, in S/S 23, utilitarianism took the spotlight, featuring unisex pieces with a militaristic visual and a more fashion-forward aesthetic. Following this, the "Digital  Explorer" aesthetic emerged as an evolution of the initial theme, portraying a future with desert cities and social chaos, blending military references with elements of destruction.

The updating of the Dystopian Future is driven by a contemporary concern: the implications of the climate crisis and technological advancements that generate insecurity and instability in society. Learn more about this inspiration and how to embrace this aesthetic.

1. Dystopian Future 2.0

Unlike previous seasons, the inspiration from the future  takes on a new perspective by embracing a more positive vision with optimistic implications for humanity. Contrasting with the rise of metallics, the proposal from brands like Paco Rabanne and Diesel updates the dystopia through a futuristic approach combining metallic and shiny finishes, adding an extravagant and glamorous touch.


2. Embracing the Dystopian Future Trend

  • Worn surfaces continue as a key detail in the narrative, presented through techniques like devoré, acid wash, frays, and imperfect cutouts;

  • In addition to metallic bases, knitting is also a novelty among materials - highly textured finishes and exposed skin are essential in both;

  • Jump into the trend of metallic embellishments and explore decorative details;

  • Balance the heavy look by incorporating sensual ties and delicate bows into the fabric;

  • Key pieces:  Mini skirt; Corset; Knit dress; Midi skirt; Slip dress; Bermuda shorts.


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