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Romanticism rethought: How designer's are approaching this classic trend

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

As consumers continue to look for escapism, nostalgia takes the industry through historical references, reviving the Renaissance with extra drama and sensuality. Modernism is not being left behind, approached through slim silhouettes and detailing.


As the sense of escapism continues to take over, historical references are now coming to the fore, bringing a more entertaining aspect. For kidswear, this narrative will be essential, encouraging imagination and creativity. Dress-up looks with extra drama are essential to this trend. Go for pastel tones, ruffled detailing, tulles and layers.

Sensual Renaissance

Reviving the Renaissance's romance, designers are mixing a more sensual approach with historical silhouettes, creating a romantic mood. Corsets have been a key piece in this trend, toughened up via detailing. Go for slim silhouettes and bring drama via volume at the sleeves. Silky materials have a more sophisticated feel.


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