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Are sets the new black?

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Sets are currently gaining importance as consumers look for more practical wear. This category is becoming even more core to consumers, and at Start by WGSN we are forecasting some of the trends that will emerge from these styles.

Long Layer Sets

Long layer sets are emerging as a comfortable yet sophisticated combination. Their coziness and comfortability are enhanced by soft and light fabrics. Invest in wider styles to increase versatility.

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Images: Sunnei; Led; Lenny Niemeyer

Knitted Sets

Knitted sets combine elegance with minimalism. Texture yarns add a subtle organic touch, while softer hues such as pastel tones and earthy colors are the way to go for a more commercial appeal.

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Image: Fendi X Chaos; Isa Boulder; Noorvana

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